Summer School

31 May - 05 June 2015
Šibenik, Croatia
         Summer school
         on real-world crypto and privacy

Summer school on real-world crypto and privacy

Hands-on introduction to SCA

Important information

Topic: Beginners SCA
Instructor: Rafa Boix Carp, Trainer & Security Analyst
Max: 20- 25 participants
Type of workshop: interactive, hands-on exercises
Duration: 3h

Introduction to Horizontal attacks

Important information

Topic: Advanced SCA
Instructor: Guilherme Perin, Security Analyst
Max: 10 participants
Type of workshop: interactive, hands-on exercises
Duration: 2h-3h
If you want to enroll in one (or both) of this trainings send mail to:

Please write Subject Riscure training and specify in mail in which training you want to participate.
Admission is on the first-come first-serve basis.

Who is Riscure?

Riscure is the leading industry party in side channel and fault injection tooling. With years of experience in security evaluation and tool development, Riscure is considered by many the preferred partner in side channel testing. Riscure is experienced on giving trainings of SCA and FI regardless of background, knowledge or experience of the attendees. Our training is provided by our own security analyst staff that performs side channel tests with Inspector on a daily basis.

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