Summer School
June 13–17, 2022

Šibenik, Croatia

We will arrange local transportation between the airports of Zadar and Split and the school venue. We can offer this shuttle service only for registered participants arriving on Saturday June 11, Sunday June 12, and Monday June 13, and departing on Friday June 17 or Saturday June 18.
Also, we can offer this service only for participants who enter their travel data in the form below before May 15.
If you are not travelling alone (e.g., travelling together with your partner or child, who is not participating in the summerschool), please fill in the form multiple times and mention the name of the participant in parentheses behind the last name of the travel partner.The cost is 25 EUR per person (including children) one way.


First Name:
Last Name:
Arrival date:
Arrival Time (hh:mm):
Arrival airport:
Arrival Flight Number (e.g., OU123):
Departure date:
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