Summer School
June 15–19, 2020

Šibenik, Croatia
   Summer School
   on real-world crypto and privacy
Summer School on Real-World Crypto and Privacy

Hands-on Profiled Side-channel Analysis Tutorial

Important information

Instructor: Stjepan Picek
Number of participants: 50 (participants have to register for the Summer School prior to signing up)
Requirements: (i) bring your laptop with the necessary software installed (follow the pre-tutorial instructions which will be sent out the week before the summer school) and (ii) attend the ECC session on Monday
Type of workshop: interactive, hands-on exercises
Date and time: TBA
Location: TBA


In this tutorial, the participants will be introduced to profiled side-channel analysis, and in particular, machine learning approaches. You will learn how to conduct a number of profiled attacks (template attack, "classical" machine learning, deep learning). Besides the attacks, we will also discuss topics like pre-processing and dimensionality reduction. The tutorial consists of a step-by-step guide and exercises to implement profiled side-channel attacks on publicly available datasets.

Instructor Bio

Stjepan Picek is an assistant professor in the Cybersecurity group at TU Delft, The Netherlands. His research interests are security/cryptography, machine learning, and evolutionary computation. Before the assistant professor position, Stjepan was a postdoctoral researcher at MIT, USA, and KU Leuven, Belgium. Stjepan finished his Ph.D. in 2015 with a topic on cryptology and evolutionary computation techniques. Stjepan also has several years of experience working in industry and government. Up to now, Stjepan gave more than 15 invited talks at conferences and summer schools and published more than 80 refereed papers. Stjepan is a member of the organization committee for International Summer School in Cryptography and president of the Croatian IEEE CIS Chapter. He is a general co-chair for Eurocrypt 2020, an organizer for the Lorentz workshop on AI and security, program committee member and reviewer for several conferences and journals, and a senior IEEE member.