Summer School

June 5–10, 2016

Šibenik, Croatia
   Summer school
   on real-world crypto and privacy

Summer school on real-world crypto and privacy

Introduction to attacks on White Box Crypto

Topic: Attacks, White Box Cryptography, Side Channel Attacks
Instructors: Valentina Banciu and Ileana Buhan
Max: 12 participants (Fully booked. Confirmed attendees have been sent notification via email.)
Type of workshop: interactive, hands-on exercises
Duration: 2.5hrs

Intended audience:
No previous knowledge on white-box crypto implementations is needed. However, it is useful to have some experience with DPA attacks. Familiarity with basic crypto and/or side channel attacks is nice to have but not compulsory.

Brief description of the tutorial:
Over the past few years white-box cryptography has taken its place in secure application design, especially on mobile platforms. Although common place in hardware security testing, side channel attacks are relatively new but relevant on software implementations such as white-box cryptography. The first public demo took place in 2015 at BlackHat. In this interactive workshop you will learn the workflow for applying side channel analysis on a white-boxed crypto implementation. We will perform a hands-on exercise which involves correlation attacks, signal processing and key analysis.

What will you learn?
At the end of the workshop you will understand what are the characteristics of white box cryptographic implementations and how to apply side channel attacks to evaluate their strength.

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