Summer School

31 May - 05 June 2015
Šibenik, Croatia
         Summer school
         on real-world crypto and privacy

Summer school on real-world crypto and privacy

Hands-on introduction to SCA

Topic: Beginners SCA
Instructor: Rafa Boix Carp, Trainer & Security Analyst
Max: 20- 25 participants
Type of workshop: interactive, hands-on exercises
Duration: 3h

Intended audience:
No previous knowledge of side channel analysis is required. However, curiosity and the willingness to experiment is a must. Basic understanding of symmetric key algorithm, in particular DES, is desired. Familiarity with basic statistics concepts (like mean, variance, etc. ) and signal processing techniques (like low-pass filters) is useful, but is not a must.

Brief description of the tutorial:
The goal of the session is to extract the secret key from a software DES implementation present on an FPGA board (fondly called within Riscure the Pinata board). During the tutorial we will discover together step by step how to perform a DPA attack. The participants are divided into small groups that work together to break the software DES implementation.

What will you learn?
You will become familiar with the general flow of a DPA attack, focusing on the importance of the acquisition and signal processing steps. Concepts like success rate, distinguisher and leakage model should be familiar to you after the session. More importantly, you will break your first DES implementation.